17th-18th May 2018 | Munich, Germany

FLEMING'S Conference Hotel Frankfurt

An Exceptional Business Gathering of 120+ Global Leaders of Pharma Supply chain and Logistics.


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"What a great event!".

I want to know what is the news in the supply chain, what is changing because the world now is changing very quickly and I want to learn if there is something new about the supply.

Alberta Miranda, Head of Supply, Bial

Pharma Supply Chain Innovation Program

Every year an incomparable business reunion of more than 120 worldwide dominant leaders is organized to generate fabulous and creative ideas for advanced progress in pharma. Event of 4th Pharma Supply Chain and Logistic Innovation Program is again expected to be help at 7-8 March,2019 at Munich Germany. This event is fully organized, having a lot of opportunities for those who want to learn, to gain, to develop their business skills in a much better way by knowing the strategies and knowledge comprised with the extraordinary business skills of well knowing business leaders.


This time PSIP under worldbi.co.uk is going to have something more appealing and beneficial. This event “PHARMA SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTIC INNOVATION PROGRAM” will elaborate all the possible challenges, solutions and advancement in technology which will consequence in the well-organized supply chain supervision.

Additionally, in this gathering the issue of the threats and risks will be centre of attention by the industry experts who will speak about these factors which affect the supply chain reliability around the globe. The following business community leaders normally share their experience and thoughts regarding the issue in this gathering.

  • Adel Senna who is the director of Global Supply Chain Optimization
  • Torben Weilmuenster – the head of Global Supply Chain Management in Merza Pharma
  • Nik Delmeire – the secretary general in European Shippers Council
  • Peter Simic – the CEO at PRIMACO, and many other experts.


  • The form of transportation will be discussed
  • Serialization and trail & mark out will be presented
  • Guidelines regarding the supply chain will be given & application of these strategies will be made
  • Covering & cataloging
  • Warehousing and allocation set-up will be out in account
  • Forecasting and Supply Chain will be discussed thoroughly
  • The recent innovations and technological development will be discussed and many more.


PSIP OR Pharma Supply Chain Innovation conference is allowing you to share your personal skills and competences with all over the world, this platform is providing the fully opportunity to make your own place in the industry. Here you can share something which you have within your personality. Like;

  • You can display your own products for publicity and well recognition.
  • Secondly you can communicate one-on-one with the experts or with the same class individuals to share your skills.
  • Furthermore you can make interactive presentation regarding your own focus or substance.

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