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If you are creative, enthusiastic and a hard worker then World BI is a perfect career option for you; providing you with opportunities in different sectors and working closely with the diverse departments.

To enhance your career, World BI provides multiple opportunities in departments of Sales and Business Development, Production and Operations, Marketing and Design.

So why not join and become a part of our best team to explore the opportunities.


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Pre-Screening of Candidates

The pre-screening process typically begins with the review of a candidate’s employment application and resume, followed by a telephonic interview and in-person interview.

Employment application and resume review

This is the first step in reviewing applications. Education, experience and overall background should be reviewed and considered in determining which candidates will be contacted.

Phone Screening

During the call, we firstly try to determine if a candidate has the right education, experience and knowledge to do the job. This also focus on the prospect’s motivation for applying for a particular job to make sure he or she has realistic expectations. A typical pre-screening telephonic interview lasts 10 to 20 minutes and includes questions designed to eliminate candidates who are not eligible for consideration.

In-person interviews

This is to find out as much as possible about what the candidates know, to learn how they have applied and test their skills to determine where their aptitudes lie, thereby defining the path of future growth and development. Ideally, each of the 10 to 12 questions interviewers ask during a typical one-hour interview should provide the most insight in to the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities.