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Supply Chain


Supply Chain management has become the need of businesses at a global level. To keep up with the ever increasing demands of global economy, business leaders are giving more and more importance to Supply Chain, which has now evolved as a vital and separate department for their companies. Acknowledging that Supply Chain can be a value creator and a source of competitive advantage, we offer our clients a unique platform to develop their business in the fields of Pharmaceuticals and Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industries.



04-05 Dec 2018    Frankfurt, Germany

In this two days event, our experts will be talking about packaging industry related topics, like environmentally friendly packaging, digital print packaging, branding and PLC management.

2nd Brand Protection Congress

04-05 Dec 2018    Frankfurt, Germany

A two days event, focusing on encountering to the challenges and their solution for the counterfeiting, illicit trade, and discussions on the new technological advancements.

4th Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme

  17-18 May 2018    Munich, Germany

As the healthcare sector is evolving with a rapid transition towards the interest of biological products, the heat on pharmaceutical supply chain and logistics experts is also increasing to keep the refrigerated freight frosty as well as complying with the regulatory and quality standards.

Clinical Trials Supply Chain Innovation Programme

  17-18 May 2018    Munich, Germany

Clinical Trials supply chain challenges have increased due to increased regulatory requirements, new technologies, and the complexity of studies being conducted. One important factor in successfully conducting clinical studies is the efficient management of clinical trial supplies, particularly for those complex studies requiring detailed monitoring, precise planning, and coordination between many players.

Pharma Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme

  15-16 Nov 2018    Boston, USA

Temperature control and product handling has become a crucial requirement for all of the pharmaceutical manufacturers today. The ever increasing global regulatory scrutiny has challenged the Pharma-biotech industry to maneuver the balance between risks and compliance associated with their cold and supply chain management.